1st & 2nd July 2017. Bristol Harbourside.


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Competition BBQ Teams

AP Cow

Apocalypse Cow

We got hooked on Grillstock from the very first festival day in 2010 and we’ve been competing in Bristol for the last two years. We’re in it for the competition, placing 3rd in Chef’s Choice last year, but our real passion is the people. We love nothing more than dishing out our food, sharing our own recipes as well as the competition rounds. We’re an amateur team, but with dishes like our award winning Apocalypse Hot Wings, we’re getting more ambitious each year. We bring fun, good music, an lots of audience interaction – but don’t underestimate our badass BBQ food – it’s Apocalyptic!

Backyard Brummies



Backyard Brummies

The Brummies are back for a fifth time at Bristol. King of the Side Dishes (unofficial), we’re here to defend our burger and cook’s choice titles. Oh and to go one better than Reserve Grand Champions last year! Come over to our pitch for a feed and see how we do it in B-Town.




BBQ BArons



BBQ Barons

BBQ Barons are Tom Pook & Gareth Jordan – Old schoolmates who have been cooking together for nearly 20 years We got into American-style BBQ in 2012 and haven’t looked back, making our competitive debut in 2014 and our Grillstock debut in London 2015 – Let the Meat, Music and Mayhem begin!!!



BBQ Fanatics



BBQ Fanatics

BBQ Fanatics is an apt name for a bunch of whisky swigging bbq crazy guys! We focus on big cuts of meat, cooked over natural charcoal and using traditional methods. For us it’s about staying true to the roots of BBQ; Real, Honest Q. Inventors and co-sponsors of #Meatrave. 2 Time Reserve Grand Champions @ Grillstock Bristol.




BBQ Mates

BBQ Pit makers located in Essex. We have been competing in the UK and Europe since 2010. this will be our second appearance at the Grillstock competition. So we are looking forward to cooking meat – leaving the public and participants astonished by our beautifully crafted BBQ pits.


Braai & Q

Braaibery & Querruption

Originally 2 Front rows in search of a hooker, we have now been joined by Stavros (not a hooker) to form the mildly intimidating BBQ force that is Braaibery & Querruption. Known for our ability to start fires that we cannot put out and getting sweaty while doing it, we guarantee to out- scrum the competition.


British Bulldog



British Bulldog

Current WBQA World BBQ Champions, 2nd place whole hog at Memphis in May, the highest international finish in the events 37 year history and the only European team to achieve a KCBS GC on American soil for over a decade.



Bullet Bros BBQ



Bullet Brothers BBQ

Now in our third year of competition BBQ – the brothers are Chris, Jon, Ian and Chris. We’re out fro more success this year and enjoying being part of the #BBQFamily dedicated weber fanatics committed to excellent BBQ cooked on the best equipment. Our motto – ”BBQ 365 days of the year”







Cider Pig Q4U Crew is a loose collective of charcoal heads and smoke fiends. Some faces are new to Grillstock and some old hands. Headed up by the Cider Pig, Simon Dyer, winner of ITV’s BBQ Champs 2015. Most of our cookers and smokers are all handmade. Hillbilly style all the way with us! Low and slow is the way we roll, powered by Somerset Moonshine. Authentic American BBQ is our passion.



Clifton Smokehouse



Clifton Smokehouse

Brought together by a love of food, drink and exhibitionism – Adrian and his team are experts in chicken wing science, rum punch manufacture and all night party pitches. Back for our fourth year we are again defending the coveted Best Hot Wings category after 2 years best in class. Visit our Tikki tent and grab a run punch on us!



Dr Evil BBQ





Dr Evil BBQ

The details of our team are quite inconsequential our mentor was a relentlessly self improving pitmaster from California, a low grade narcoleptic with a penchant for bbq, we enjoy swimming with sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their heads and in the spring we make meat helmets…. Well if you must know…. we are a team of amateurs who have been around the competition scene for 2 years steadily growing in experience, our bragging rights include Winner of Grillstock Manchester Best Burger and competitors at the World Food Championships in Las Vegas 2014, Reserve Grand Champions Grillstock London 2015


Flamin Amatures



Flamin’ Amateurs

The Flamin’ Amateurs are a group of family and friends interested in BBQ, Booze and good times. Come for the Q, stay for the Jolene singalong!



Grillers in the mist

Grillers in the Mist

Grillers in the Mist are a Bristol based team and to date have competed at 3 Grillstock Festivals, the first in 2014 when we came last overall. Following a LOT of practice, research and dedication to the cause, we upped our game in 2015 coming 10th overall at Bristol including 2nd place in pork and 8th (56) in brisket. We still have work to do in the chicken and ribs rounds so hopefully 2016 will see us further develop our skills and become a BBQ force to be reckoned with!

Hammer and Tongs



Hammer & Tongs

Hammer & Tongs is a one man BBQ Team that competes in the UK and in Europe. H&T has competed at Grillstock for three years and always includes additional team members that want to learn competitive BBQ or start their own team.




Last of the summer swine




Last of the Summer Swine

6 mates with a deep love of BBQ from the deep South.




Man Meat Fire



Man Meat Fire

Led by ITV’s BBQ Champ finalist Tony, who has lurked around the competition area at many a Grillstock, Man Meat Fire are making their debut into competition BBQ this year and are hoping to show the other teams who’s (Pit) Boss. With Tony’s extensive BBQ experience and huge personality, Gareth’s enthusiasm and zen under pressure and Sam’s whip-cracking and secret stash of bourbon, Man Meat Fire with their custom smoker trailer and pop-up DJ booth are sure to be a popular addition to the festival.



Mc Slims



McSlims BBQ

4 work colleagues, a shed load of meat and far too much time on their hands. Mc Slims have been competing on the UK competition BBQ circuit for two years and this will be their second year at Grillstock.







Meatpocalypse has been competing for 3 years, taking part in 5 Grillstock festivals to date. In the last 3 years we have won 2nd place Chef’s Choice, 3rd place dessert, Best Spirit of BBQ 2014 and this year we came 9th overall in Bristol, and 6th overall at Walthamstow. We have a fantastic time at competitions, and always try to encourage the public to get involved.




Nom Nom BBQ

Who the hell let this lot back? The boys behind some of last year’s best plates of meat and worst hangovers are heading west again for their fourth Grillstock. And they have a score to settle: their burgers and wings might have bagged second place and their ribs third, but they crashed and burned in the pork and brisket rounds before blagging their way into the staff after party. Older, wiser and fatter. Expect more of the usual chaos.

Plymoth Pit Pyrates

Plymouth Pit Pirates

For the fourth year running, the Plymouth Pit Pirates will set a course for Bristol, buoyed by their 6th place overall in 2015. 2016 is set to be a big year for the Pirates as they run ashore on foreign soil for the first time, bringing their unique brand of bbq debauchery to mainland Europe and beyond. However, Bristol will always be our 2nd home port (after Plymouth of course!) so head over to our berth for scran, tots and West Country banter.


Priscilla Queen of the Desert

£5000 raised for Mind, Spirit of BBQ award, Dr BBQ unable to clean Priscilla’s lipstick out of his beard for the following 3 days. That sums up Grillstock Bristol 2015 for the world’s only competitive BBQ drag queen. But we can do better, we can do hotter, we can do smokier, we can bring even more glitter!!! Will 2016 be another year of the Swines or will it be the year of the first ever drag GC? Well Priscilla will be out to win and for sure, she’ll look damned hot doing it!!

Riviera BBQ



Riviera BBQ

Sarah and Glenn have been on the BBQ competition circuit for a few years and this is their 2nd competing alone as Riviera BBQ. They are always looking fro ways to improve their cooking the competition food as well as bringing a little extra something for the crowds. if you want to find them, find the minion BBQ!!



Smokin Salop

Smokin Salop

Smokin’ Salop are a group of friends who enjoy BBQ based in Shropshire. We’ve been competing since 2014. After winning Chicken and Burger rounds at Grillstock Manchester 2015, we made the long trip to the World Food Championships in Florida to compete in the Burger category. Making the final top 10, we achieved a very respectable 8th place! In 2016 we hope to improve on our results by bringing our A-game, and rum …….. lots of rum!

Smoking Dragons



Smoking Dragons

2 brothers with a life long love of BBQ and American culture. 2014 Spirit of BBQ winners (Manchester) – BBQ for the people.



Smokus Pocus

Smokus Pocus

Former Pitmaster for Social Smokers Matt Deakin has decided to go it alone (with help from his Girlfriend) under the new team name “Smokus Pocus”. Although Matt is a seasoned Grillstock competitor and has competed in the World Food Championships with the Social Smokers, this will be his first competition as “Smokus Pocus”. Matt is looking to create some “meaty magic” to get ahead of the competition.

Social Smokers


Social Smokers

The Social Smokers – the team that put social into smoking. we’ve been hitting the grillstock festival hard and are now in our 5th year. A local Bristol team who like to be in the thick of it , whether its at the meat rave , trowing brisket into the crowd of meat hungry public or just looking the most hungover team on the park. Noticable mentions are that we are the reigning dessert champion (as its no longer done), winner of the burger round at the last grillstock festival, plus a few top 3 places. for us its not about the winning, its about meeting up, promoting bbq and getting blind drunk at the same time.

Team Smokin Penguin



Team Smokin’ Penguin

Back for another year, Team Smokin’ Penguin are ready to rock Grillstock once again – whether it’s with our bad-ass cooking, cook book invading, Meat Raving, public feeding, cocktail making, penguin suit boiling-in or far-to-early-to-prep-meat waking, you’ll find the penguins partying hard! With great results year after year (especially in pork!), let’s see how they do this year.



ugly dumb smokers

Ugly Dumb Smokers

We are rough and ready redneck barbecuers from Marlborough, Wiltshire. We don’t take ourselves too seriously but the food is a different matter. We aspire to make perfectly cooked, simply flavoured barbecue using time old American techniques with the finest British ingredients and inspiration. We started out cooking on a home made oil drum smoker, fast approaching her 5th birthday Betsy still takes pride of place on our pitch. Our favourite part of Grillstock is plying the crowd with our meats and hooch while spreading the gospel of BBQ.

Wonkey Donkeys

The Wonkey Donkey’s

The Wonky Donkeys KCBS BBQ Team consists of Rob Eadie & Nick Latham and supporting cast who have been cooking both BBQ and Chilli for over a number of years. They are two time UK Chilli Champions (2013 & 2014) and 2014 World Food Champions (people’s choice). Never has the union of Scotland and England produced better food and not a deep fried mars bar in sight, just meat, meat … and yet more meat with added meat 🙂 . Competed at Grillstock for the first time in 2015 coming a credible second in ribs.