1st & 2nd July 2017. Bristol Harbourside.


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Competition BBQ

The best BBQ you can eat.

The heart and soul of Grillstock is ‘King of the Grill’, a huge two-day, US-style, low & slow BBQ Competition with thirty teams battling it out over the smoky coals to be crowned Grand Champion.



Competition BBQ needs to be your new favourite hobby. It’s a legitimate excuse to hang out with your mates, playing with fire, cooking meat and drinking beer & bourbon for 48 hours. And if you compete at Grillstock, you get to listen to some awesome live music too.



At Grillstock there’s big prize money at stake as well as gaining entry to other worldwide BBQ contests. For teams that are consistently winning, competition is often a route to bigger adventures: travelling the world like rock stars, opening a restaurant or catering business, launching a BBQ sauce and much more.



More attention is paid to a piece of meat in competition BBQ than in any kitchen anywhere in the world. Pitmasters will sit up all night babysitting their brisket, rubbing, spritzing, basting to make sure they present eight perfect slices to the judges the next morning.

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Join us for the biggest, smokiest, noisiest, meatiest and most bad-ass BBQ & Music festival outside the US.
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