Our Story

Grillstock was born out a deep love for American BBQ and the culture that surrounds it.

It’s about cooking meat with fire and smoke, chowing down together on a big table with family and friends, kicking back to great music. This led us to create our first Grillstock in Bristol back in 2010, a rowdy weekend festival of meat, music & mayhem where thousands of smokin’ fans now join us annually to enjoy our Southern style hospitality.

Lots of folk got in touch wanting Grillstock in their lives all year round, and from that our first Smokehouse was born. We take big hunks of meat and smoke them low ‘n’ slow fresh on site every day. It can’t be rushed. The music is loud and the lighting low.
Since then we’ve opened two more Smokehouses, with more on the horizon and we have expanded our festivals to include the awesome city of Manchester.

Come get some meat, music, mayhem

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