Brooklyn Bars

Grillstock and Brooklyn Brewery team up to bring you the ultimate festival bars

Prepare yourselves.

This year Brookyln Brewery are manning the pumps delivering an almighty selection of their freshly brewed, fine craft beers made especially for Grillstock.

Our new bar, constructed from the finest hipster marble will have tanker loads of Brooklyn lager on tap and for the first time in the UK, we'll have Brooklyn 'Summer Ale' on tap too. We'll also have three 'flash sales' each day with a keg each of Brooklyn Brown, Brooklyn EIPA and Brooklyn Sorachi Ace. Cider lovers will be well catered for courtesy of our friends at Orchard Pig

On top of the fantastic beers, we're putting a second music stage inside the bar with an awesome soundtrack of accoustic blues and Brooklyn fuelled hillbilly tunes.

Mr Woodnote & Lil Rhys feat. Eva Lazarus - Saturday - 6:40pm

Mr Woodnote supplies beatboxing and sax thread through a barrage of loop pedals while Lil Rhys showcases his MC skills.

Simon Panrucker - Saturday - 5pm

Surreally off the wall comedy rap

The Lounge Kittens - Saturday - 1:40pm

Imagine if Richard Cheese seduced all three of the Andrews Sisters!

Menage A Trois - Saturday - 12pm

The trio rework classic rock and pop songs in a bluegrass style with their weapons of choice being the mandolin, banjo and guitar.

The Showhawk Duo - Sunday - 3:40pm

Obviously Grillstock looks kindly at any band that has the word snake in their name but these guys are special.

The St Pierre Snake Invasion - Sunday - 2:40pm

A Bristol 5-piece who’s live sets are famed for their furious garage inspired intensity.

Ned the Kids Dylan - Sunday - 1pm

Ned the Kids Dylan is 13. Ned the Kids Dylan is a legend.

Factotum - Sunday - 11:40am

Bristol based psyche tinged garage from this amazing duo who have a brilliant album, ‘Knife Gun’ on Stolen Body Records. Raw power.

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