BBQ Tips for your bank Holiday weekend!


Mike Phillips our resident expert on a bank holiday BBQ gives you the inside track for this weekend!


Day light saving is in full swing, spring is here & the smell of BBQ is not far behind. As a born and bred Aussie, BBQ was always in my blood. Working at Grillstock for 4 years now means that BBQ is an even bigger part of my life now. I have learned to love the many different ways to cook outdoors and met some amazing people along the way.


A BBQ is just a BBQ some of you may think! Well that’s not the case – there’s gas BBQ’s, open charcoal grills, kettle BBQ’s, drum smokers and for the people who really want to immerse themselves in smoking meat you have Low ‘n’ Slow pellet smokers.

The difference in all being time and flavour. Purists, including myself will stay as far away from a gas BBQ as they possibly can. For me BBQ is purely about fire, wood and smoke. There is nothing fun about an electric oven . Bar-B-Q gets its name from Barabicu from the Taíno people of the Caribbean Islands. This word translates to Sacred Fire Pit because BBQ is just as much about equipment and knowledge as it is love, experimentation and a bit of magic.


Over the years I have come across a number of different things that will help you on your way to better barbecuing which I would like to share with you.



Tip 1 : 

Get your hands on a temperature probe

Now this is a must have for all BBQ cooks and no matter what you are cooking on you need to make sure your food is cooked to perfection!


It also gives you a guide of what is happening to the meat. For instance, you can eat ribs once they have reached 76° but they will be tough and not enjoyable - however once they have reached 92° internal temperature it means the fat would have rendered and you will have and moist tender rib.



TIP 2:

Invest in a Chimney Starter

The Quickest and most efficient way to get your fire going is a chimney starter. Load it with charcoal, pop some firelighters underneath and just 15 minutes later you’re ready to grill. This saves you time and ultimately lets you pay more attention to your meat.



TIP 3:

Go simple with a Beer Can Chicken


Beer can chicken is not a new thing, but you don’t see it that much in the U.K. The process is simple: pick your favourite poultry rub, cover the chicken and get a 330ml can of your chosen tipple. Tip away about 1/2 (or drink it of course) and then place the can inside the chicken so it sits upright on it. It does not have to be Beer - I have tried it with cider, ginger beer & Iron Bru and it’s just as tasty. If it’s in a can, the sky’s the limit!



Tip 4:

Take your time


Start early! It’s bank holiday so get yourself out to the garden an hour before you were planning to and get started on the process early..that way you can take your time on the preparation and enjoy a beer with your buddy while you’re not surrounded by hungry hoards!


Have a great long weekend guys!