Grillstock - King of the Grill

Grillstock ‘King of the Grill' is an authentic two-day, US-style, low ‘n’ slow barbecue cooking competition.

Seven rounds are formally judged throughout the weekend and with 27 teams competing in Bristol and 12 in Manchester, claiming the title of Grand Champion is no easy task.
Of those seven rounds, only four count towards the Grand Champion title with the team accumulating the most points over these four being crowned the winner.

Teams from across the world will light the coals at Grillstock festival smoking huge joints of pork, lamb, beef and chicken. The Grand Champion from each festival will win £1,000 in cash and qualify to compete against the best of the best at the prestigious American Royal World Series of BBQ 'Invitational' in Kansas City later this year. Only Grand Champions from other BBQ Competitions are invited to take part.

The competition is tough, with entries having to win over the taste buds of influential faces and experienced international BBQ judges scoring to strict criteria. There are four key rounds of chicken, ribs, brisket and pulled pork that all teams must cook. The team with the most points across these four rounds will be crowned Grand Champion. Further rounds of dessert, lamb and our most popular round of chef’s choice are optional and carry individual awards.

Find yourself in the right place at the right time, smile sweetly, and you may get to sample the the wonderful smoky flavours of the competition entries, talk to the teams and pick up great pit BBQ tips and tricks.

Manchester Festival is your best chance of tasting the competition meat for this year as the results of Bristol King of the Grill are in...

Bristol King of the Grill Results

Apocalypse Cow

The team (originally from the midlands) were in the first 10 people through the door at the first Grillstock in 2011, and have been hustling crackling ever since - whenever and wherever they can. Even the UK weather doesn't put them back, a turkey in the Pro Q is a regular theme at Christmas.

BBQ Fanatics

An amateur London based BBQ Competition team that has competed in the UK and USA for the last 4 years. Inventors of the “Blood Clot” and advocates of classic BBQing techniques in the competition arena. A not so serious team that loves BBQ, Beer, Sweet Smoke and Whisky.

Becky's BBQ Shack

Bristol based smokers competing for their second year. Hoping to slowly work up the results leaderboard as we master the art of competition BBQing. Never seen without a mean boombox.

Beefy Boys

What was the inspiration for your team name? The beefy boys name comes from a take on ""the beastie boys"", our love of their music and our love of food made it an easy choice for us to mix it together. Where are your members from? All our team members are from...

British Bulldog BBQ

After being out of the game for 5 years, Toby is dusting off his gear to compete at both Grillstock festivals in 2014. “It is time to reignite my passion and remember why I got into this crazy world of BBQ, let the fun begin.

Bunch of Swines

Bunch of Swines are the 2012 and 2013 Grillstock Bristol grand Champions, returning once more to defend their title and see if they can make 3 in a row.

Flamin’ Amateurs

The Flamin’ Amateurs are a Bristol based BBQ team. We are a group of friends and BBQers who just started grilling bigger and bigger pieces of meat…then we discovered American BBQ at Grillstock four years ago and haven't looked back since. New to competing in 2013, meat, music and mayhem was a per...

Grillers in the Mist

Old school mates Neil and Ali, randomly reunited 20 years later at ante-natal classes, we soon discovered we shared a passion for meat, fire, beer and competitive sport - an entry into the King of the Grill competition therefore seemed like the next logic step!

Hammer & Tongs

Hammer & Tongs is a one man BBQ team, formed in 2013. Having had so much fun and meeting so many great people, he thought he would do it all over again.

Jedi Swine Tricks

Steve Heyes has been competing in BBQ contests in the UK, Europe and the US since 2009, and he’s not done too badly at all! Formerly head cook of Royal Q Pit Crew, Steve started competing solo in 2013 and will make his Grillstock debut in 2014.

Last of the summer Swine

Last of the Summer Swine are 3 mates with a passion for smoking meats and swigging bourbons. Jamie, Howie and Simon managed to fluke 1st in Chefs Choice and a respectable 8th overall in 2013 and are confident of performing nowhere near that well in 2014!


Bristol based Masters of Meat and Destruction. Often edible, sometimes delicious.

Nom Nom BBQ

They're certainly low. They're most definitely slow. Now team Nom Nom BBQ – formed in 2012 when eight friends finally got bored of scratching their butts and began smoking pork butts instead – are bringing their low & slow style west again for Grillstock 2014. It’s going to be carnage, but relax,...

NottS' o Casual Smokers

We are Nottingham Casuals RUFC, an amateur rugby side who have competed in 2 Grillstocks so far. We tend to partake in the more social side of BBQ with a few beverages, but don't take us lightly. Our aim this year is to finally get into the top 10, after coming dangerously close last year in 2 ev...

Plymouth Pit Pirates

United by their love of proper BBQ, Rum and Plymouth, the Pit Pirates formed a bbq team as a way to pass their time when on dry land. The four founder members of the crew competed in Grillstock 2013 as a last minute entry when another team dropped out, with Teignmouth based restaurant ODE True Fo...

Racks of Ruin

Racks of Ruin are a team of BBQ loving individuals lead by pit master Philip Newton who have been competing in the UK since 2011. Last year they welcomed Glenn and Sarah from Riviera BBQ onto the team and they are now returning to compete at Grillstock for the 2nd time. Racks of Ruin are proudly ...

Rock Pit BBQ

ROCK PIT BBQ stormed onto the UK BBQ scene late 2013, taking 1st place pulled pork, 1st place brisket, best new team and overall Grand Champion trophies in their first ever IBQN French’s PitMasters BBQ championship. Hailing from Surrey, England, their edge comes from a formidable combination of s...

Smokin' Salop

Smokin’ Salop is a new BBQ team from Shropshire. After years of BBQing they decided to try competing in 2014. They hope to be present at a few BBQ events in 2014.

Social Smokers

2013 has been a hectic yet productive year for the Bristol based Social Smokers. They competed at Grillstock for the second year running, and were rewarded with two accolades; third place in the lamb category and first place in the dessert heat. Following the dessert win, things moved up a gear a...

Team Smoking Penguin

The Smokin' Penguins are back! After smashing 2013 with a joint 1st in pork and 4th overall, they're ready to go even further. TSP, from sunny Brighton, have been competing since 2012 when a love of good food and american cooking led them try out a comp - from then on they were hooked!

Ugly Dumb Smokers

BBQ team from the south west. After last years attempt we realised it is possible to be blind drunk, have fun and compete. So were doing it all over again but promise a better desert and a twist for any willing festival goers. We won't inject anything into our meats, we won't over rub the mea...

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