To celebrate and make Grillstock’s fifth year even bigger, we are working hard to collaborate with other regional and national brands, which can all add some spice to this year’s festival. This year we have partnered with Nottingham based ticket agent Gigantic, who have been helping us get our festival tickets into your BBQ loving hands. They have also run a couple of competitions for us via their ‘Win Tickets’ page, which is one of their awesome features that we highly recommend you check out. Who doesn’t like winning free things!?

Gigantic have been running successfully for just over 7 years More


Grillstock announces Meaty Mayhem for Manchester 2014

We have announced our full line up f foot stomping tunes for Grillstock Manchester, which takes place in Manchester’s Albert Square on 28th and 29th June!

Grillstock’s music areas will this year be sponsored by Nokia MixRadio, bringing some extra pizzazz to the stage to supplement Vintage Trouble and Hayseed Dixie as the festivals’ headliners. Suzanne Ducat, Community Relations and Event Manager at Nokia explains, “We are really excited to be supporting Grillstock this year. As the festival partners with local emerging talent, this fits perfectly with the passion of music discovery at Nokia MixRadio.”

Saturday 28th June

Saturday at Grillstock will be headlined More


Grillstock announces Meaty Muisc Mayhem for Bristol 2014

We have announced our full line up of foot stomping tunes for Grillstock Bristol, which is taking place in Bristol’s Amphitheatre on 7th and 8th June!

Grillstock’s music areas will this year be sponsored by the epic Nokia MixRadio, bringing some extra pizzazz to the stage with fire stunts and a few local surprises to supplement the Fun Lovin’ Criminals and Hayseed Dixie as the festivals’ headliners

The festival will also feature as a playlist on Nokia MixRadio, created by its Bristol based team to provide the perfect soundtrack to the summer BBQ season. Bristol based Nokia MixRadio, will work with Grillstock to help provide work experience for young people currently More


Low and slow is the way to go

Smoking is 2014’s hottest cooking trend, allowing you to slow-cook food on a low heat to produce awesome flavour and finger licking good meat.  It is a perfect way to cook cheaper cuts of meat such as brisket and pork shoulders and cooks up ribs a treat.


The distinctive Smokey Mountain® Cooker™ from Weber® offers an opportunity to try out different smoking techniques and get your creative juices flowing.  And it really is so easy that anyone can prepare something amazing.


Once the Smokey Mountain® is up to temperature you can pretty much leave it to work its magic.  Place hot coals More


Drummond & Hammett Cigar Box Guitars hit Grillstock!

Cigar Box Guitar builders Drummond & Hammett will be bringing their stunning instruments to Grillstock festivals again this year. They are lovingly designing and making not one, not two, but FOUR totally unique guitars for our events and each one will be given to the winners of King Of The Grill and the Chilli Eating competitions!


There is a long history of people making their own instruments but it was in Depression era America that the humble Cigar Box Guitar really took off. When times were hard, people made use of what they had around them and so an empty cigar box, a broom handle More